Our “coaching philosophy” at Bologna Fc 1909 Academy Florida is to develop different aspects of our players’ personalities. Our coaches work to create environments where players can use critical thinking skills with some assistance. We encourage students to make their own decisions, and support them to build improvements. We believe that it is important to reduce players’ dependence on adult assistance by using a GUIDED DISCOVERY method in practice and games. It’s important to be a facilitator and guide players to the correct answer rather than continuously providing it to them.

The technical project is an accurate program that considers all the aspects necessary for proper development of youth soccer players.

Starting from the stage of the Motor (physical) Development in the first ages of practice, the focus will be in 3 main areas of Soccer Training:

Technique: ball control, dribbling skills, passing accuracy, body control, shooting the ball.

Tactic: game intelligence, spatial awareness, tactical knowledge, risk assessment.

Physical fitness: endurance, balance and coordination, speed, strength and power.